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Wealth creation 
with a pulse.

Tallbridge Capital is a U.S.-focused private equity firm based in Canada offering exclusive investment opportunities in quality multifamily real estate assets located across the United States.


Our company was created as an investment platform designed to leverage off-market opportunities that flow to us through many channels, the primary being our sister company, Tallbridge Real Estate. Through this integrated partnership we utilize the systems, relationships, and insights that have driven Tallbridge Real Estate’s success since 2015. Our investors benefit from access to proprietary off-market opportunities and an investment strategy that has been carefully designed to offer the risk adjusted returns investors are seeking in today’s investment climate.

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We are real people, developing real relationships, to get real results.


The Tallbridge Capital advantage

With a solutions-oriented approach and an investment strategy that provides exclusivity and mitigates overall risk, our platform and processes are designed to facilitate win-win outcomes that deliver our investors optimal returns in a rapidly changing market.


Exclusive Off-Market Opportunities

We have strong networks in our target markets, and we leverage a proprietary lead generation platform to identify off-market opportunities beyond the reach of the wider market.


Rigorous Processes and Risk Mitigation

We are thorough and uncompromising in our property analysis and due diligence processes.  We execute with precision to ensure that all aspects of cost and revenue are captured and optimized.

Experienced, Cycle-Tested Team

Our team is comprised of passionate professionals with proven track records and extensive execution experience. Our stakeholders benefit from a direct line to decision makers for transparency and efficiency.

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Real and Authentic Relationships

Our approach is grounded in authenticity, integrity, and a collaborative working style, which allows us to create real interactions that build positive, long-lasting relationships with enduring value.


Investment strategy

Our investment strategy incorporates real estate market fundamentals that produce successful results. Multifamily continues to be one of the most stable and resilient asset classes, with the potential for distinct pockets of opportunity for those looking in the right places. Our team thoroughly evaluates numerous deals to source quality multifamily properties that offer significant value-add potential and represent attractive long-term investment opportunities in growing markets.

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Quality Multifamily Assets 

We vet a large volume of deals to find well-maintained assets that will provide long-term value and deliver strong returns for our investors.

Strong Value-Add Program

We work alongside our execution partners to find creative ways to reduce costs and increase rental revenue through renovations and cost-engineering.

High-Growth Geographies

We target active U.S. markets that demonstrate significant growth in rental rates and demand, and forecast strong population and economic growth.


Core leadership team

Tallbridge Capital is led by a diverse team that combines creative thinking and deep, cycle-tested real estate expertise. Our experience covers a wide range of specializations across the industry—including acquisition, funding, development, repositioning, and management—working with all asset types in nearly every major market across the United States and Canada.


As a team of passionate real estate professionals, we are driven to find creative opportunities to build legacy wealth for our investors while making a lasting positive impact in the communities where we do business. We don’t believe in getting the deal done at any cost.  We approach our interactions with integrity, open-mindedness, creativity and collaboration to create winning outcomes for everyone at the table.


Proven Execution

$1 Billion+ Collective Transaction Value


Chief Executive Officer

Josh Alter


Chief Investment Officer

Matthew Fialho


Tejash Chauhan

Chief Operating Officer


Mark Breakspear

Chief Compliance Officer, Managing Director of Investor Relations

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Colin Fernandes

Director of Investments


Erin Samuda

Director of Marketing

Board of Directors


Praveen Varshney

Principal, Varshney Capital


Mehdi Shokri

Partner, Three Shores Development

Samantha Adams.png

Samantha Adams

Independent Director, SAMCAP


Dustin Ellis

CEO / Partner, Tallbridge

Real Estate


Steve Enns

CRO / Partner, Tallbridge

Real Estate


Professional partners

We work with experienced professional partners to ensure fund integrity, provide transparency to our investors, and capitalize on market opportunities with speed and efficiency.

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Business Meeting

We have the right people in our corner.


Contact us

Get in touch to learn more about our fund and discuss investment opportunities.


501-138 East 13th Street North Vancouver, BC V7L 2L3

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