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An unwavering commitment to results.

The Tallbridge Capital Balanced Opportunity Fund is a U.S.-focused private equity fund offering exclusive real estate investment opportunities with institutional-grade projects and sponsors. Our investors benefit from superior access to deal flow, proprietary off-market opportunities, and an investment strategy that has been carefully designed to create balance, capitalize on gaps in the marketplace, and expedite the return of capital to our investors. 


We are real people, developing real relationships, to get real results.

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We have the expertise, relationships, and drive to cut through the noise and identify hidden potential.


The Tallbridge Capital advantage

With a solutions-oriented approach and an investment strategy that leverages real estate market fundamentals that have repeatedly produced successful results, we uncover and execute opportunities that aim to deliver optimal returns in various market conditions.


Exclusive Opportunities

We have developed strong partnerships with high quality sponsors who specialize in our core markets and asset classes. We enjoy priority deal access and access to a proprietary lead generation platform to identify off-market opportunities.


Experienced Leadership

Our team is led by passionate, cycle-tested professionals from various segments of the real estate industry. We approach our business with authenticity, integrity, and transparency to develop real relationships and get real results.

Tenacious Mindset

We vet a high volume of deals to find the best opportunities in a volatile market. We approach each investment with a creative mindset while remaining rigorous and uncompromising in our analysis.

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Focused Agility

Our core investment strategy focuses on specific asset classes and investment positions, while our open fund structure that allows us to remain agile to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities.


Fund composition

Our fund is built around a “core and explore” approach, with a foundation of co-GP partnerships, proven asset classes, and geographies that have sound financial, demographic, and regulatory fundamentals.  The core foundation is complemented by an open fund structure that allows for opportunistic investments to create balance and maximize returns. Our fund deployment schedule prioritizes the return of capital to our investors, with initial projects offering up-front cash-flow and higher-yield investments maturing over the life cycle of the fund.

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Asset classes

Our allocation model is developed around multifamily and industrial projects, including both development and value-add opportunities.


We focus our acquisitions on active, business-friendly southern U.S. markets that show strong population and economic growth.

Investment types

Co-GP investment makes up the core of our approach, supported by select equity and debt structures to develop a balanced investment profile.


Core leadership team

Tallbridge Capital is led by a diverse team that combines creative thinking and deep, cycle-tested expertise. Our extensive experience covers all areas of the real estate industry—including acquisition, funding, development, repositioning, and management—as well as all asset types in every major market across Canada and the

United States.


As a team of passionate real estate professionals, we are driven to find creative opportunities to build legacy wealth for our investors while making a lasting positive impact in the communities where we do business.


Funds Managed


Fund Value


Total Value AUM


CEO / Managing Partner

Josh Alter


Chief Investment Officer

Matthew Fialho


Mark Breakspear

Chief Compliance Officer, Managing Director of Investor Relations


Tejash Chauhan

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Shillington_edited.jpeg

Scott Shillington

Chief Financial Officer


Erin Samuda

Director of Marketing

Board of Directors


Praveen Varshney

Principal, Varshney Capital


Mehdi Shokri

Partner, Three Shores Development

Samantha Adams.png

Samantha Adams

Independent Director, SAMCAP


Dustin Ellis

CEO / Partner, Tallbridge

Real Estate


Steve Enns

CRO / Partner, Tallbridge

Real Estate


Professional partners

We work with experienced professional partners to ensure fund integrity, provide transparency to our investors, and capitalize on market opportunities with speed and efficiency.

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Business Meeting

We have the right people in our corner.


Contact us

Get in touch to learn more about our fund and discuss investment opportunities.


501-138 East 13th Street North Vancouver, BC V7L 2L3

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